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Starry Night

Examples of my film work specialising in human narrative from adventure and wilderness experiences

The Yukon Assignment

The Yukon Assignment

A British father and son, Niall and Chris Lucas, undertake a five hundred mile canoe journey through the Canadian wilderness. An honest story of real adventure and the importance of making time for each other. "It all began with a throw away comment, “Don’t suppose I’ll do that now”. My Dad couldn’t have known that saying those words would start a process that would lead us four years later to be losing altitude at speed in a Beaver floatplane, canoe strapped beneath, bearing down on a tiny lake, deep in the Canadian Yukon." - Chris Lucas, Adventurer/Director This unique perspective on a father/son relationship on a grand adventure provides a thought provoking insight into one of the world's last great wilderness areas.

What our audience says:

"So inspirational and lovely. I'll watch again anytime"

"Beautiful film. Very inspiring on many levels. Story of friendship, relationship balance changing from parent to child to adult."

"A beautiful film, very inspiring and well presented. A true story of two amazing people creating a wonderful friendship"

"A fantastic adventure, truly inspiring!"

"What a wonderful film - absolutely mesmerising. It's ignited my love of adventure once again!"

"Amazing, beautiful and authentic. Also utterly charming"

Koru From Above

Promotional film created for Koru Kayaking using aerial cinematography

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