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The Yukon Assignment - Canoe Adventure

The Explorers Guide to Parenting

Wide Yukon Skies - Sidetracked Mag

Yukon Assignment - Canoe Focus Mag

Using YouTube - Professional Mountaineer Mag


Shortlisted for the National Adventure Awards 2016 for the Yukon Assignment expedition, Team Category

2nd Place for Light My Fire Adventure 2014

An avid lover of the outdoors, I’m happiest journeying through the natural landscape on foot, by paddle, mountain bike or ski. Above all I am passionate about introducing people to the joys of wild country and the wonders to be discovered, be it uncharted lands or that boost in self esteem they never thought possible.

I have led expeditions all over the world and have traveled widely including the following places. Arctic Sweden, European Alps, North African Atlas and Western Sahara, Adirondacks Mountains, Rocky Mountains & Yosemite, USA, Kalahari Desert, Botswana/Namibia, Great Karoo and Drakensburg Mountains, South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, India, Nepal, Chilean & Argentinean Patagonia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Plenty of places left to see but I'm working on it!


Association of Mountaineering Instructors, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, British Canoeing


Proud to work with Mountain Hardwear, Rab, Global Telesat Communications, & DMM Climbing

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